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Mike, his wife of 20 years Heidi, and their 3 Boys aged 10-16, have  been residents of Mchenry County and the City of Crystal Lake for 20 years.  Mike  has been focused squarely on building a business to support his family as well as many hobbies including Hiking, Backpacking/Camping, and the Shooting Sports. Heidi is an Elementary School Educator who recently completed her 2nd Masters Degree in Teacher Leadership Administration from Roosevelt University.  When not working to build the minds of  children she enjoys exercise, reading, and taking care of her family. Mike and Heidi are passionate about raising caring, responsible, and healthy boys with conservative values. 

Mike Buehler is not a career politician

Mike is, however, a small business owner of over 25 years primarily in the construction and infrastructure industries providing industrial weighing equipment tailored to specific applications.   It's a unique advantage in that he understands the incredible challenges business owners as well as  workers and their families face. Taxes and stifling regulations are hurting the McHenry County economy  and driving  jobs to neighboring states.  Attracting new jobs, lowering taxes, and reducing regulations are what's needed to  retain and create jobs in our amazing community!

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